About Us

Sillynut.com offers  art and computer classes for Children, teens and adults with intellectual disabilities and autism.  Everyone is welcome!

Art activities and experiences form the foundation for a life-long love and appreciation of the arts.  Get your hands on some clay; pinch, pull, squeeze, shape and roll!  Pick up a pencil, marker or crayon and learn how to sketch what you see or draw from your imagination.  Paint a masterpiece, then scan it into a computer and reproduce it on greeting cards, wrapping paper or gift tags.  Make an old piece of furniture come alive with paint and love!  The projects are never ending with Sillynut.com.  And, we rely on Nature and recycled materials for most of our supplies. 


We also offer technology classes where our students will master the computer skills needed to find employment, go to college, or just feel comfortable enough to use the computers in the public library.  In this class we learn to use the internet as a tool to plan trips, make better food choices by looking at recipe and nutrition web sites, compose letters and resumes, control our budgets and design slide shows to express ideas and create art.  All classes are tailored to the individual's needs.

Combining art with technology makes learning fun!  Call us today to customize a class for your specific group.  We are happy to come to your location!